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hat did she see now? A witch who has just grown up has been promoted twice. This is not good luck at all. You must know that even in a genius-gathering federation, there are only a handful of such witches. And, if I heard it right, there are three other people who are like Anna? Agatha stared at the gray-haired man blankly, and it took a long time before she came back to her senses, “This should be regarded as it, but I don’t have a balance magic stone, and I can’t test the size of the ability change.” She paused, her throat A little dry, “I want to ask, what exactly did Anna go through when she awakened? She seemed to have just grown up. Did these two changes happen in just one or two years?” Agatha finished speaking. I found that I had used honorific words unknowingly-witches cannot be passed down. Even if a large number of ordinary people are gathered around, there is no guarantee that powerful witches will be born. Therefore, the senior management always decides by ability, not by life experience. Sequence position. According to Anna’s current abilities, she already has the qualifications to enter the federation’s senior level. Compared to herself, even if she is not a superior, she is at least an equal person. Any high-level awakened person is an object worthy of respect. “The first time was because the magic power was exhausted when fighting against the evil beasts. The second time I think it was caused by learning knowledge.” “Knowledge” she was startled, “What kind of knowledge?” “Ahem, this is fine.” Let’s talk about it later,” the prince cleared his throat. “Now let’s return to the topic we just discussed. What exactly does Akalis’s God Punishment Army experiment mean?” Also, if he didn’t lie to himself, this knowledge There must be a great truth, so Anna can awaken new abilities through epiphany. It is normal that he is reluctant to elaborate before gaining trust. Agatha couldn’t help but get excited. Increasing the chance of promotion is of extraordinary significance to the witch. If you can fi