hanging basket. And” she paused, “it

lly. But Black Fire continued to cut forward, and quickly shattered most of its plump body. Before the flowing liquid got close to the witch, it was evaporated by another green fire. Gradually, the giant beast stopped struggling, and its skin fell loose. “It’s dead,” Sylvie said. “The heart has stopped beating.” “This guy also has a heart?” Ash asked, pinching his nose. “On the head, it’s about the size of Yuanwang’s hanging basket. And” she paused, “it has magical power flowing in it.” “So, this is a mixed-species evil beast?” “No one knows. The answer,” Tilly said, “There are very few records of evil beasts and wild land in the history books. There are too many unknown things here. Let’s dig out the ice coffin first.” After Anna’s burning again, it became rotten. The smell is not as strong as before. Under Sylvie’s guidance, they quickly found the ruins of being swallowed-of course, the basement has now become sparsely packed stones, and the original appearance cannot be seen at all, the glowing magic stone mentioned by lightning. Most of it became a mass of paste. Fortunately, the transparent crystal stone pillar is still intact. After turning out from the slimy belly, there is not even a trace of corrosion on it. The woman enclosed in the crystal stone is still lifelike. “It’s up to you next,” Tilly said to Anna. (To be continued.) Text Chapter 327 Rescued Anna nodded, stretched the black fire into a thread, and gently pressed it against the spar pillar. The witches held their breath involuntarily, and saw green smoke erupting from the part where the two touched – it was not the color of the smoke itself, but the color of light and dark under the light of the green fire. The black fire was embedded in the spar. “How is it?” Tilly asked. “It’s a bit laborious, but it can be cut,” Anna replied. Suddenly, the “ice coffin” changed. With a clear click, several cracks spread from the place where the black fire was embedded, like a spider web, covering the entire column in the blink of an eye. Almost at the same ti