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tely embarrassing them. In fact, the real public security personnel had already been determined. “It’s nothing, maybe I’m thinking about it,” Vader took a breath, “Then I’m going to camp now.” “Well,” Kukasim laughed, “I think you can definitely become a formal public security officer. The second army camp is located to the north of the town, outside the stone wall of the inner city. When Vader arrived here, he found that the chief knight was already waiting in the camp. “From today, you are The police are ready,” Carter said when everyone arrived, “You must live in this camp for the next week and receive special training. Those who pass will stay, those who fail are rolled back! I will let you understand what discipline is and what it is to serve His Royal Highness! “This is how the assessment should look like in Vader’s memory, but only fifteen people are left out of the one hundred applicants? He glanced around, judging from his outfit and complexion, except for himself Besides, everyone else should be local residents. Sure enough, the requirement for literacy is not a joke. “Report! “Someone raised his hand. Carter grinned. “Oh? Are you familiar with the army? Speak. “Hey, my brother is in the First Army,” the man said, touching the back of his head, “My lord, what is a policeman?” Are we not public security officers? “The police are part of the public security system. You can understand them as the security personnel in your Royal Highness’s territory. They need to arrest criminals, crack down on illegal activities, maintain order in the territory, implement the policies issued by your Royal Highness and the City Hall, and help people in difficulties. . “Helping the people?” But you just said that we are serving His Royal Highness.” “There is no difference between the two. To serve His Highness’s leaders is to serve His Highness. Why, do you still want to enter the castle to serve him? Carter shrugged, “Become a good knight first. “However, the knights are all aristocratic Vaders. Their status is so differen