nue to beg for mercy like a soft egg. Say your name! If the bitterness has weight, this little white face can crush the lord of the Alpine Fortress to death with his eyes alone, and Felidheim will always remember this shame! Lord of the Alpine Castle, Marquis of Pompeii and Guardian of the Wilderness, Eagle Knight, Dragon Slayer, Titan Terminator, Commander of the Ripper Legion Dracula sneered at the corner of his mouth. If necessary, this list can be extended. My name is Richard, and I remember clearly, don’t find the wrong person. The lord winked at him and snapped his fingers. Until the Titan comes back to the world! You humble monkeys! A generation that has to pay blood! Sharp screams resounded through the sky. After a while, there was another sound. Richard was taken aback, then sneered and went away. How was it handled? Back at Du Peng’s house, the fat old man asked without looking up. Sinclair had already woke up, sitting on the armchair with his knees hugged, eyes blank, not knowing what he was thinking. A prince from the kingdom of the elves. Lord Lord shrugged. Seeing the undead, the most stubborn elves had a day of abandoning the training and uniting the nation. It is really a living sun coming out to the west. I seem to have heard a little bit of wind about this, but I didn’t expect it to happen. Du Pont handed Sinclair a plate of biscuits, and the latter had no response, but this should be a good thing. After all, in the face of possible future invasions, elves are also human comrades. not necessarily. Richard greeted an elf maid and asked her to take the others back first. There are some words that are not suitable for too many people to hear, even those who know the bottom line can not do it. you mean? Li Cha pursed his lips and shook his head, his complexion a bit solemn, Master, you should know. In the Age of Titans, the elves are the darlings of the Titans, and their status is many times higher than that of humans. So? Compared to today’s situation where they can only live in the de