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completely unnecessary. Why?” Although he didn’t understand what the term resume meant, it didn’t prevent him from answering this question. Vader hesitated for a moment, and called Kakusim I told the prince, “I wouldn’t have come to Border Town alive without this prisoner, so I can’t leave him alone in the Western District.” “So I want to be a patrol member. Can you give him some extra care?” “I” Vader suddenly felt nervous. From the previous sentence, it can be seen that His Royal Highness is very concerned about whether there is any violation of the system, and this behavior of him is obviously suspected of being out of bounds. “Don’t worry, you haven’t done this yet. You won’t be punished just by thinking.” The other party seemed to see through his own thoughts and smiled. However, this sentence also made Vader feel a little disappointed. There is no doubt that His Royal Highness does not agree with this approach. Even if he successfully becomes a policeman, once he is biased in handling the dispute, he will only follow in the footsteps of the city hall clerk. “Do you have a family?” the prince asked suddenly. “They all lost their lives in the looting of Jinsui City.” “Where’s Kakusim?” “It shouldn’t be,” Vader replied truthfully, even though he was puzzled why His Royal Highness asked this. Then, the mouse will not choose him as a scapegoat.” “Anyone with special elders can first obtain the right to rent a house in the community, and get the ID card issued by the city hall, and enjoy all the rights of the citizens. Among them, naturally also their family members,” the prince smiled, “you should understand what I mean?” Vader was startled, and couldn’t help but surprised: “You agree to let me take Kakusim” Take the old man to the city hall to register, and they will arrange it for you.” He held back his excitement and knelt down again, “Your Royal Highness is kind!” “Don’t relax, keep this vigilance today,” the prince nodded. ” If you fail the follow-up assessment, even if For your family, you can only