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of the building, a group of crazy demons rushed in. She released all her magical powers and built the strongest ice barrier. The Echo Magic Stone kept releasing distress signals, waiting for the day when they returned to the fertile plains Find yourself. “You saved me? “Yes, now that I have escaped from the ice barrier, it is only possible that the army of witches is back! “Has the devil retreated? Did we win! How about the holy city of Taqila? After blurting out this series of questions, she saw the faces of the other people change and looked at each other with joy and excitement. A witch with a more mature appearance and long red-brown hair couldn’t help asking, ” We indeed found you in the basement of a stone tower. Are you really from four hundred and fifty years ago? “The questioner reminded her of the samurai samurai who turned the tide, and his hair is like this, illuminating people’s hearts like a flame. Compared to the gray-haired man, she is more willing to answer the witch’s question, although she usually doesn’t care about it. He has a humble status, but it always feels offended to be stared at by inferior people to ask questions. When replaced by a caregiver, this man will be severely punished in all likelihood. “My name is Agatha, and it’s Taquila. The witch of the Quest,” she paused, “what do you mean four hundred and fifty years ago? Have you been fighting the devil for more than four hundred years? This is impossible. “You have slept too long, things may be a little different from what you think.” “The man calling himself Roland said, “If you feel that your body is fine, we can talk to you slowly. “Go ahead.” Agatha closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Although the prince behaved very rudely, she has no time to care about it. As the other party began to explain the history of Graycastle and the four major kingdoms of the mainland Evolution, she felt a cold sweat gradually appeared on her back. In his account, Agatha quickly found several corresponding signs-such as Hidden Forest Lin, for exam